LocationOakville, ON
Size/Type1500mm-2500mm RCB, 2000mm RCP, 1000mm-1500mm Oval-RCP
Drain TypeCreekwater
Features1m waterfall, long storage chamber below Trafalger Rd.
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Discovered ByAngles of the Underground
First Documented
Angles of the Underground
AOTU Members present for exploration:

Friends of AOTU present: Annie Ogre

Photographs by: Ignavus

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Just 1/2KM up Morrison Creek from Annie's Passage sits Stick The Dealer. We didn't expect much from this suburban drain, (and like Family Ties) we were pleasantly surprised by some features that are usually lacking. The drain starts with a low RCB which opens up into a decent sized chamber with churn block and a one metre waterfall. A 2000mm RCP leads upstream to a large (low) chamber that runs diagonally under Trafalgar Rd. The drain then works it's way north until you reach a junction room with an oval RCP. Futher exploration is needed through the oval pipe.
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