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LocationMississauga, ON
Size/Type3000mm CMP, 2400mm RCB, 2400mm RCP and smaller
Drain TypeCreekwater/Stormwater
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Discovered ByAOTU
First Documented
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra & Ignavus

Friends of AOTU present: None

Photographs by: Ignavus

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Rusty Bucket is just that... this drain starts as a CMP that is completely rusted through the bottom (and washed out below it). This drain has some of the poorest construction AOTU has seen to date. After about roughly a kilometre of CMP, we enter a junction room with RCB and infall on one side, and a 2400mm RCP on the other. The floor of the RCB in sections has complete crumbled and has now created quite deep sections of water. A broken optical cable is strung from the roof of the RCB to the RCP, and has obviously been discarded. Further up the RCP it turns into a small RCB with again a crumbled floor, deep water, and a small ledge to inch across.
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