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LocationMississauga, ON
Size/TypeDual 2400x1500mm RCB, Duall 2400x2400mm RCB                   
Drain TypeCreekwater/Stormwater 
FeaturesSmall steps, adjoining windows, slide 
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Discovered Byterapr0 
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Photographs by: Ignavus

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Deuces Wild is a dual RCB drain that doesn't have many features to keep you interested. This drain is roughly 1km long, and carries Cawthra Creek (which now only runs its natural course for a few hundres meters in a park) southward underneath this urbanized landscape until it reaches Cooksville Creek. Feature wise, Deuces Wild has a few steps near the outfall, the odd overflow window between the RCBs and a slide near the infall. The End.
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