A.K.A.Victoria-Royce / ViceRoy / West Toronto Junction Presbyterian Church
LocationToronto, ON
Built1885 / 1927
StatusCondo conversion
SizeMain auditorium with basement, 3 floor school building
FeaturesStained glass, pipe organ, belfry
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Photographs by: Umbra & Ignavus

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Before opening its doors for it's first service on October 11, 1885; the congregation of the [then called] West Toronto Junction Presbyterian Church met in the waiting room of the local CPR railway station. The Church was renamed in 1897 in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. A Sabbath School addition was built in 1927 to house Bible classes, and served an active membership of 1000 people. The church had a seating capacity of 800, and in the 1960's, Royce Presbyterian congregation joined. Following another 40 years, and a slow decline in membership, it was decided to close the church. The property has been purchased by a developer, and is destined to become another condo development. :(
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