A.K.A.Symes Destructor / Incinerator
LocationToronto, ON
Size3 story main building, single floored West building with basement
FeaturesStorage lockers, peeling paint
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AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra, Rico, & Ignavus

Friends of AOTU present: K00PS

Photographs by: Umbra & Ignavus

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Originally built in 1916, the current art deco inspired east structure was completed in 1933 as an incinerator. During the 1960's, the city of Toronto was burning more then 80 percent of it's garbage in incinerators such as this one. By 1977, Symes was converted to a waste transfer station, smokestacks removed, and eventually closed almost two decades later. It now sits vacent, with a new housing development rapidly growing around its weather worn front door.
East Building (Transfer Station)
West Building (Maintenance)
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