A.K.A.British Cordite Limited (BCL) / Defense Industries Limited (DIL) / Canadian Industries Limited (CIL) / A.V. Roe
LocationNobel, ON
Built1912 / 1939 / 1946
Size13 acres
FeaturesTest chambers, old foundations
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Umbra & Ignavus

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Photographs by: Umbra & Ignavus

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The Orenda Test Facility was built on the original site of the old Britsh Cordite Limited (BCL), which manufactured munitions during WWI. Later Defense Industries Limited (DIL) would take over the site and produce explosives during WWII. A.V. Roe then setup shop in 1946 and started up Turbo Reseach as part of the new Canadian Gas Turbine division (later in 1954 A.V. Roe incorporates Orenda Engines). It's here at this test facility, Orenda first developed the Chinook, and then the Iroquois engine for use in the Avro Arrow. During it's peak production, 125 people were employed at this location.
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