A.K.A.Marmoraton Mining Company
LocationMarmora, ON
SizePit: 75 acres, 550ft deep. 3 buildings
FeaturesCrusher, conveyor, storage building, open pit (lake)
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Photographs by: Ignavus

**If visiting during the summer, bring your swim suit!**

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This massive (2800ft x 1500ft, 550ft deep) open pit mine has been sitting empty for over 30 years. During this time it has slowly collected water and is now used by locals as a swimming spot, although this activity is discouraged by the active mine next door who still owns the land. Originally contrsucted to extract iron ore, this mine over its lifetime produced 1.3 million tons of iron ore and 3.5 million tons of waste rock. Serveral buildings are still standing, and if it's been dry, you can access the lower part of the crusher building. Converyor building is still sound, and can give you quite a nice view of the surronding area. Beware of the crumbling building tiles, they contain asbestos.
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