A.K.A.Gillett Co. / Standard Brands Inc / Nabisco Ltd.
LocationToronto, ON
Built1912 / 1922
Size5 buildings, 4 floors in main building + basement
FeaturesRoof view
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Photographs by: Umbra & Ignavus

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Often referred to as "The Castle", this building, an example of Medieval Revival design was built in 1912 to house the new factory for E.W. Gillett Co. The land on which it is located was once a baseball field know as Diamond Park (where the minor leage Toronto Maple Leafs played from 1900-1908). The factory produced Magic Baking Powder, Royal Yeast Cakes, and perfumed lye. E.W.Gillett started expanding its opertaions outside of the downtown core after a complete loss of their factory and machinery (King St) during the great fire of 1904. In 1929, E.W. Gillett merged with three other companies to form the Standard Brands Inc. Renovations of the main building started around 2000 and new tenants moved in, including a coffee shop in the old boiler house. The remaining buildings remain empty and used as storage.
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