Who are we you ask? Angels Of The Underground is nothing more then a group of daft lads who like to explore the bowels of the city, and to see a side of the metropolis in which we live in a new light (or lack there of) that many do not. We photograph our exploits to share with others, for those who are curious like us as to what exactly is under foot.
Many friends have joined us on our journey over the years to document these spaces, to explore this unknown world, and we have drawn on many colleagues expertise at the same time; to these people, our gratitude.
Active Members
 UmbraHead Hauncho
 PhaedrusThe Scout
 RicoDesignated Driver
 IgnavusPhotographer Supreme
 SidBack with a vengence
Not-so-active Members
 CaligaLeader of the London Chapter
 Wind"Let's NOT drive to the Poo Factory to look for drains"
 Maglor"My feet are wet"
 Pdiddy"It's a house"
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To contact us, email: umbra(at)aotu.ca
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